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 Gang Applicaton Night Fury

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Ronnel Carpio

Ronnel Carpio

Posts : 23
Join date : 2015-12-20
Age : 16
Location : Manila , Philippines

PostSubject: Gang Applicaton Night Fury   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:19 pm

Gang Introduction:
( Must contain 1 paragraph )
Gang Name: Night Fury
Gang Leader: Ronnel Carpio
Gang (Turf)Location:
( Like Little Mexico, Temple , East Los Santos and etc. )
Gang Headquarters:
( None )
Gang Logo:
( None )
Gang History:
( Night Fury have set up camps in which to train recruits aged 40 to 70 years old, as well as ex-federal, state, and local police officers. In addition, they have invited into their ranks ex-troops from Guatemala known as Kaibiles. Reviled as “killing machines,” these tough-as-nails experts in jungle warfare and counterinsurgency adhere to the motto: “If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me on. If I retreat, kill me.”
There are several other Night Fury groups in addition to commandoes. Los Aztecas (The Hawks) keep watch over distribution zones; authorities have found 50 members, equipped with radio-transmitters, in Fourtwenty Ballas alone.Las Ventanas (The Windows) comprise bike-riding youngsters in their mid-teens who whistle to warn of the presence of police and other suspicious individuals near small stores that sell drugs.Los Manosos (The Cunning Ones) acquire arms; Las Leopardos (Leopards) are prostitutes who slyly extract information from their clients; and Dirección (Command) are approximately 20 communications experts who intercept phone calls, follow and identify suspicious automobiles, and even accomplish kidnappings and executions.
Black Revenge Family may number between 150 and 200 men and women, most of whom are believed to be in their early- to mid-twenties. Although the Army has detailed information about deserters, even key law enforcement agencies must guess at their size and composition because small-time criminals identify themselves as “Revenge” in hopes of exciting fear in their victims. “It’s gotten to the point where you get drunk, shoot at some cans and paint your face black, and that makes you a Revenge… . A lot of it is image and myth.”
Fifth, the armed forces, with which the U.S. enjoys unprecedented cooperation, are especially eager to track down Black Revenge Family because of the embarrassment they represent to their institution. In fact, the Defense Ministry has requested that the Mexican Congress authorize both the trial in military courts of deserters who cast their lot with cartels and the imposition of prison sentences of up to sixty years for such soldiers.
Finally, as mentioned earlier, Night Fury are involved in myriad criminal activities. They have branched out into kidnappings, murder-for-hire, assassinations, extortion, money-laundering, and human smuggling. At the right price, these bloodthirsty mercenaries could move into terrorism focused on vulnerable targets in Texas and throughout the Southwest. With or without the Merida Initiative, authorities on both sides of the border should concentrate on curbing the growth of these lethal paramilitaries.)

Starting Members (Minimum of 9)
( Ingame Name / Forum Name / Level )
Leader: Ronnel Carpio / Ronnel Carpio / Level 5
Rank 5: Clark Carter / Clark18 / Level 5
Rank 4: King Heriberto / Heriberto / Level 20
Rank 3: John Night Fury / John / Level 4
Rank 2: Victor Gonzaga / Untoy / Level 6
Rank 1: Heriberto_Badboy / Badboy / Level 20

[Create your Rank Name:
Rank 6: EL Night Fury
Rank 5: EL Drago Fury  
Rank 4: EL Master Fury
Rank 3: EL Night Fury
Rank 2: EL Ultimate Fury
Rank 1: Lil Fury

Desired Skins
(Include their ID's and Pictures):
Rank 6: 294
Rank 5: 171
Rank 4: 189
Rank 3: 91 (Girl)
Rank 2: 293
Rank 1: 21

Last edited by Ronnel Carpio on Thu Dec 24, 2015 10:10 am; edited 2 times in total
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Head Admin
Head Admin

Posts : 9
Join date : 2015-12-10

PostSubject: Re: Gang Applicaton Night Fury   Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:05 pm

Gang Creation is temporary CLOSED .
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Ronnel Carpio

Ronnel Carpio

Posts : 23
Join date : 2015-12-20
Age : 16
Location : Manila , Philippines

PostSubject: Re: Gang Applicaton Night Fury   Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:01 am

Said KAEL is Try To Create a Gang For me
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Posts : 10
Join date : 2015-12-21

PostSubject: Re: Gang Applicaton Night Fury   Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:24 am

wait for the processed GANG MODERATOR
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Ronnel Carpio

Ronnel Carpio

Posts : 23
Join date : 2015-12-20
Age : 16
Location : Manila , Philippines

PostSubject: Re: Gang Applicaton Night Fury   Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:26 am

Where? 4 may hawak ng Gang Moderator Wlang nag RERESPOND LAKAS
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Posts : 3
Join date : 2015-12-29

PostSubject: Re: Gang Applicaton Night Fury   Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:10 am

/Support +1

Best Regards
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PostSubject: Re: Gang Applicaton Night Fury   

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Gang Applicaton Night Fury
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